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Multiply the effectiveness of your ads for free by making them searchable through Vadlue – the new advertising search engine.

Vadlue fetches and indexes the ads you publish on your website so potential customers can find them. Just use the Robads open standard to publish your ads and reap the rewards. It’s that easy! It works like this. Let us say you want to publish the following ad of text and images. Just apply the easy-to-use Robads standards as below:

Free your ads using robads standards!

Use robads standards to make your ads publicly searchable

Don't hide your ads from your customers

Use robads standards to make your ads easier to find for free!

Free your ads using robads standards!

1Add a robads meta tag to the HTML head section of each landing page

Specify a single ad for a particular landing page by adding a Robads meta tag to your landing page head section.

<meta name="robads:title" content="Free your ads using robads standards" />
<meta name="robads:description" content="Use robads standards to make your ads publicly searchable" />
<meta name="robads:destination_url" content="" />

<meta name="robads:location" content="['us.*', '']" />
<meta name="robads:geo" content="[{"latitude": 38.8189,"longitude":39.921}]" />
<meta name="robads:ends_at" content="2011-03-01T00:00:00Z" />

2Upload a robads.json file containing ads to the root of your web site

    "identifier": "OUR2189",
    "changefreq": "daily",
    "ads" : [{
     "title" : "Free your ads using robads standards!",
     "description" : "Use robads standards to make your ads publicly searchable.",
     "destination_url" : ""
      "title" : "Don't hide your ads from your customers",
      "description" : "Use robads standards to make your ads easier to find for free!",
      "destination_url" : "",
      "display_url" : "",
      "campaign" : "launch2011",
      "group" : "customers",
      "keywords" : "ad,search",
      "negative_keywords" : "engine",
      "starts_at" : "2011-03-01T00:00:00Z",
      "ends_at" : "2011-05-31T23:59:59Z",
      "language" : "en_US",
      "location" : ['us.*', ''],
      "geo" : [{"latitude": 38.8189,"longitude":39.921}]
     "image_url" : "",
     "destination_url" : ""
}; Open Ads Standards.

Robads open ads standards allow you to publish your ads on your website in JSON format or using HTML meta attributes. Robads standards are defined at

Manage your ads with the VadlueMaster ad management tool

VadlueMaster is a great tool to publish, verify and monitor your ads using based on Robads standards. VadlueMaster also gives you traffic information from

Vadlue Submit Tool

When you have published your ads on your website, submit your landing page’s URL containing Robads meta tags or, if you use a robads.json, submit your home URL. We at Vadlue automatically check if a /robads.json file is present in your website’s root.

Enter one landing page URL on each line (for example:

Learn how to publish Robads ads for various web content management systems.

Static Web Site/Custom Programming

If you are using a static website or develop another website where you create HTML pages directly, you simply need to create either the meta attributes or the robads.json conforming to JSON schema at

Drupal - Coming Soon

Joomla - Coming Soon

Wordpress - Coming Soon

Locomotive - Coming Soon

Refinery - Coming Soon

Ruby on Rails - Coming Soon

Rack(Sinatra or others) - Coming Soon