Vadlue is an ad search engine and a social ad sharing platform which enable users to search, browse, share and review ads.

Vadlue indexes online ads so that, you can find the products and services you are looking for easily.

Search engine and social networking are key to its power. A traditional search engine indexes web pages so you can find them using keywords. Most search engines use your search as an opportunity to advertise to you and earn money from the number of clicks an ad generates.

Vadlue search engine is different than page search engines. Vadlue indexes ads on web sites and makes them available for search.

Using Robads open standards, Vadlue indexes the online ads themselves so you can find the products and services you want using search queries.

Vadlue gives you even more. You can refine your search using criteria you choose – such as location, gender, age and many other others. You can also set up alerts and you can share the ads you like on your social networks.

Browse for ads

Vadlue enables you to browse ads using its intuitive interface. You may browse ads by category, see featured ads and see related ads. You may also see only image or text ads

Share ads

Vadlue enables users to share ads via connected social network: one click to post a selected ad image or text via your social network

Comment on ads:

Be vocal with Vadlue on what they do to earn you as a customer - like, dislike, taunt or propagate.

Vadlue is a great tool for advertisers.

Vadlue is pushing the boundaries of entrenched way of interactions with ads: ads are subject to be shared within social network and get reviewed and receive comments.

By publishing your ads using Robads standards your ad becomes available to even more consumers. You can benefit from invaluable targeted word-of-mouth recommendations as they post your ads to their social networks. VadlueMaster is a great complementary tool that gives you complete control over your ads and monitors the interest they create.

Vadlue is a growing disruptive advertising company that aims to enhance the web and mobile ad experience for corporations and consumers.

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