Vadlue Rationale

May 2012

Every day, you are routinely encountering hundreds of ads and what is equally probable, you or your organization is issuing some of those ads. Whoever you are, your ties with ads are ever present – noone is off the hook!

As a user, on Vadlue, you may actively interact with ads by :

searching the ads using keywords.

browsing the ads

sharing the ads

commenting on ads to let other know what your experience with the product or service offered in the ad is.

As an advertiser, Vadlue brings you a different way to look at your ads, campaigns and whatever product or services you offer to your customers.

Unhide your ads stuck in folders on your computer or on closed ad networks, to bring more customers. Share your ads using Vadlue share extension or publish them using the Robads standards on your own web site.

Empower your target audience to be vocal on your marketing efforts with an extended feedback tool on your ads. Your users may search and browse, share and comment on your offers. Register for VadlueMaster Analytics, which will give you advanced statistics on your ads.

Engage your audience by altering the way they interact with your ads from a monologue to a social dialogue. Your customers may now share your ads on social networks, and may comment on your products or services.

Multiply the return you get from ads, through the social sharing effect and increased visibility.

Vadlue Journey

April 2012

Our ads journey starts with “why” , then unfolds with “where” and “when”.

Why Vadlue explores the web for ads?

The answer is simple: to add value to the most omnipresent matter of web-universe, to Ads. As the dark matter in physics, forms a higher proportion of the universe than visible matter, but remains elusive, so do ads on the Internet; they are everywhere, yet you can't actively interact with them.

You shift to the next level of interaction with ads on Vadlue, by getting a grip over your experience.

Where does Vadlue take you?

It takes you to a repository of ads ranked by quality and organized by topics: Vadlue search engine ranks the ads which meet your search query with high relevance.

On Vadlue you do not anymore experience ads as a passive targeted user, but rather interact with them through 4 ways:

  • Search ads for offers and deals
  • Browse ads
  • Share ads on Vadlue and on social networks
  • Comment on ads

When Vadlue works for you?

  • When you are trolling the web for the best deals and offers
  • When you are searching for a particular product, service or brand
  • When you are shaping your web activity to promote your business on the Internet
  • Or when you are browsing the web without any special agenda